Tome of Dorgoth

Tome of Dorgoth PE

This wiki is meant as a player edition of the Tome of Dorgoth, which lists all that can known about the Lands of Laeryll. Campaign-sensitive material should not be posted here, but you will be able to find general lore about this D&D homebrew campaign world, as well as homebrew rules, items, custom spells and whatnot. Due to a recent hack and subsequent restoration, some sensitive information is likely available. If you read a spoiler for your adventure (sorry), please compartmentalize it during play!

Oh and yeah, the name Laeryll is confusing. To have a country being named the same way as a continent is, because the original people who named it didn't separate the two, is historically and linguistically sensible, but doesn't make for easy gaming. I'm not doing stuff like that anymore, but I'm keeping it in as a legacy issue.

Contributing to the wiki

As much as I'd like to run an open wiki, those days are over. There are bots pounding at the gates and the easiest solution for me was to close off the wiki. I can manually create an account, if you'd like to join in on the worldbuilding.

Feeling uninspired? Just open a random page and get the creative juices flowing!


The currently active campaigns are Drums of War and Enter the Dragon.

The following campaigns have been wrapped up:


The campaign year is 903 LC

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