Tome of Dorgoth

Scimitar of Death

Originally carried by the elven wizard Blue Death, this magical weapon is a black scimitar engraved with runes that can be traced to the World Beneath. After her demise in the northeast of Laedor Thilis, the human rogue Tijl Morningstar took the weapon as his own in 903 LC, before losing it to the wood elf Bor Durlyne.


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The scimitar is a martial light finesse weapon that does 1d6 necrotic damage. On a hit, the targeted creature makes a DC10 Constitution save. Upon failure, it suffers from a festering wound, dealing 1d4 damage on its subsequent turn. The wielder of the weapon is then healed with an equal amount of hitpoints. The targeted creature can reroll the Constitution save on each turn subsequent to being hit. Success means the wound does no additional damage.