Tome of Dorgoth

Aendir Billidiru

Aendir Billidiru is a renowned high elf alchemist who lives in Prydisyrr, Dathyll, where he researches longevity and immortality. Billidiru is single, but flirtatious, with his hypomanic moods and intelligence charming the women in the high circles he frequents. He has a complicated relationship with the human bard Alicia Flossbottom, who gave birth to his son Bingverd Flossbottom, the infamous 'party alchemist' of Dathyll.


In contrast to most research into immortality, Billidiru is not content with maintaining decayed flesh in a semi-vitalic state. As he personally would not like to be a lich or zombie, he focuses on halting the aging process itself. His early research therefore focused on vampirism, after finding out that two friends from Arkos never seemed to age. After an experiment with vampiric rats got out of control, Billiduru was reprimanded by city authorities.

Billiduru then switched to lab turtles, which had the added benefit of showing the aging process more slowly. Billiduru noticed that his treated animals were aging more slowly, but also displayed decreased libido and aggression. He then consulted with his son Bingverd, who had recently developed a potion that boosted rage and who always had more than enough concoctions that boosted libido. At the insistence of Ballelds Landidith, an acquaintance of his son, Billiduru decided to switch lab animals again and move towards rabbits, so that he could see the results of the cocktail he and his son made more quickly.


Aendir Billiduru is well-connected both within and outside Prydisyr. He has friends who are high-placed in the army (which explains why he was not punished for causing the vampiric rat epidemic of 880 LC) and knows several wizards and alchemists in Zhai. In fact, his work is mainly sponsored by the human priest-merchant Wudu Wasusu, who currently lives in Zhai and intends to do so for much longer.