Tome of Dorgoth

Aratula Elran

Aratula Elran (101 LC – present) is the Province Keeper of Shyfayll and a moon-worshiping mystic, initiated in a Forxian cult. He is an high elf who is was born in the Temple Tree in Prydisyrr, Dathyll, but who moved to Ruhukoyrr at age 120 (221 LC) after a vision told him to do so. Elran is part of the Circle of Twelve.


Aratula Elran guides Shyfayll on the basis of his mystical insights, and contributes to meetings of the Province Keepers by sharing his intuitions. His intuition is that the mythical Dark Dreamings are upon the world and that the Labarean drive to instill order is merely the first phase in an “internal struggle of this lifeworld”. The destruction of holy sites is as the mythology says, Elran argues. He cites the Moon Owl Chronicles, as translated by Pharius the Seer:

When the legions come, red and black, on the sunborne temples, their banners will be on the tapestry of order and their swords will seek the volcanoes of chaos. And so it will be, that the world that lies lower becomes clear to those higher, and the world higher will be seen by those above. They will witness what had remained inside and will understand that shadows can exist only in the light. These dreamings will be dark and long, and the past things that were hidden become future yet again.

If this means war, Elran will do his part.