Tome of Dorgoth

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Arkos is the main settlement of the Arkos Plains and is located within the Furnace Mountains. Consisting partially of caverns and houses built by excavating rocks, Arkos is first and foremost a military base, aimed at defending the humans in the region against the nearby orc communities.


Arkos was founded by orcs somewhere between 200 LC and 300 LC and quickly became a command center for surrounding orcish settlements. Throughout the fifth century, Arkos served as a base for raids against settlements in present-day Silimanis and Dathyll. Once the Labarean Empire occupied Silimanis in 726 LC, several resistance groups in Silimanis joined forces and moved north, only to enter conflict with the Arkos orcs. The Silimani humans managed to drive back the orcs in 764 LC. They then occupied the capital city and brought it under the rule of human leader Galwaith Othar.

Humans maintained control of Arkos and secured the surrounding plains. Although many orcish tribes still live along and within the Furnace Mountains, divisive strategies of the humans have prevented them from joining forces.

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