Tome of Dorgoth

Arkos Plains

The Arkos Plains lie just north of Northern Silimanis and west of Dathyll. They form a plateau that is characterized by dispersed rock formations and include the Furnace Mountains that envelop the plains along the west and north. The Arkos Plains contain (part of) Red Rock Lake and is predominantly inhabited by humans (most notably in Arkos), orcs and half-orcs.


The human inhabitants of the Arkos Plains are spread out across various settlements. Arkos is the largest one, harboring some 5000 people. Daros is a village containing around 800 people.

The orcs organize themselves along the lines of tribes, spread across several villages.

Gudann Tribe

The Gudann Tribe is spread across settlements known as G'dokk, G'rawor and Arkuhl. Arkuhl is located within the Furnace Mountains, while G'dokk and G'rawor are outside, in the mountainous terrain. In 903 LC, the Gudann Tribe attempted to unite the orcish tribes and attack Arkos.