Tome of Dorgoth

Bingverd Flossbottom

Bingverd Flossbottom (881 LC - present), also known as Bingverd Billidiru, party boy, Bing-Bing, the elixir mixer and lust master) is a half-elf from Prydisyrr, Dathyll. He was born from Alicia Flossbottom and Aendir Billidiru.

Early life

As the child of a human and a high elf, Bingverd was considered a shame by the elite circles through which his father moved. Aendir himself cared little about this and raised his son the way he would have raised any other: by carefully demonstrating the art of alchemy to him. Bingverd had a knack for chemicals and devoured the books from his father's library.

That is not to say Bingverd was an introverted, bookish young man. Instead, he took more of his mother and displayed an outgoing and lively demeanor. Although his mother did not live with Aendir, she did visit the city regularly as part of her performancers and Bingverd loved the concerts and the lavish parties that followed.

At age 12, Bingverd joined his mother on a tour through Pothael, Arkos Plains and Silimanis. He turned out to be a natural singer, songwriter and musician and enchanted elves, gnomes and humans alike. Moreover, his skills at alchemy popularized him with the more experimental members of the crowd and Bingverd quickly discovered that recreational alchemy was a much more profitable business than being on stage was. There were also other services he provided to mutual satisfaction and it was not long before Bingverd, not Alicia was the star of her shows.

At age 15, Bingverd opened up his own shop at the Woodhouse Market, where he specializes in creating perfumes, but does other work on commission. He combined life as a salesman with that of a traveling bard. His training was no longer provided by his father, but he was instead mentored by an old woman at the Alchemist's Guildhouse.

Adventuring life

Potion of belligerence

In 903 LC, at age 22, Bingverd was visited by Falix Fisibird, who was interested in a potion that would render people 'more rowdy and short-tempered'. Bingverd set to work, experimented and concocted a large batch of potion of belligerence of which he sold one flask to Fisibird at the Temple Tree. Unbeknowst to him, Falix ordered the potion as part of the Falcon Conspiracy.

As Bingverd had crafted 100 flasks, he was left with quite some residual wares and was unsure how to put them to market. Coincidentally, a fat, shady-looking elf approached him the same day to buy poison - possibly the only illicit substance that Bingverd was not interested in selling. He decided to trick the elf and sell him three potions of belligerence instead. Unfortunately, due to a series of events, both Fasibird's and another potion were ingested by Kalied Ilbaereth during a celebration of the Festival of Light at the Royal Barracks. For the subsequent drama that unfolded, and which included an assassination attempt on Olyxx III, Bingverd was sentenced to six months in The Citadel of Prydisyrr.

Escape from the Citadel

Although six months is not that long, Bingverd did not spend so much time in prison. Prior to him being sent to the Citadel, his father had asked him to contact his brother Thireg Billidiru and Bingver indeed set out to do so. As his uncle was held in the high-security part of the prison, this would require some scheming.

The scheming went well. Not only did Bingverd gain the trust of gang leader Cyru Veiru, but his musical aptitude also brought him to be in favour with Osodyn Parnape, the warden of the Citadel. Bingverd could not reach Thireg however, as he inadvertently caused his uncle to be beaten up by Veiru's gang. As his uncle was hospitalized, Veiru managed to take up arms supplied through the actions of Bor Durlyne, who had been hired to free the captive Sego Pride. As Sego, Bingverd and Bor fled from the Citadel, the structure was taken over by the prisoners and even the wizards held in the core of the Citadel were released and held off gryphons from the Cloud Patrol who tried to secure the prison.

Having dropped off Sego, Bingverd and Bor left the battlefield behind them and went back towards Prydisyrr.

Escape from Prydisyrr

The city was not safe for Bingverd, as it was widely known that he was sent to the Citadel. Bor, who wanted to learn alchemical secrets held by Bingverd, hid him in the Alchemist's Guildhouse and started preparing for a swift departure from the city. He constructed a special carriage with a false compartment in which he could hide the young half-elf.

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