Tome of Dorgoth

Bor Durlyne

Bor Durlyne (725 LC - present) is a wood elf born in Silimanis. Raised by humans under Labarean rule, Bor had to cope with the tragedy of oppression and loss at an early age. In 900 LC, he left Silimanis and the Labarean Empire, seeking out a new life and answers about his old one.

Adventuring life

Secret of Pellvyr

In 903 LC, he got stuck without money in Nadi. A Labarean contingent on the road to Zhai had just set up camp in the waterhole and Bor did not want to hang around. He took up a transport job from Gondwen Huckstone and joined a party northwards, towards Pellvyr in King's Swamp. Among his fellow travelers was Ballelds Landidith, a high elf fire mage whose ruthlessness impressed Bor. As the party quickly found itself on a quest to obtain the map to Bothandal's Mine, Bor and Ballelds agreed that they would steal the map as soon as it was found, to take it to Nafindil, Ballelds' mentor at the Royal Academy of Evocation in Prydisyrr.

And so it happened. After a tumultuous escape from Castle Krikk, Bor and his party fought Blue Death and killed her. Bor took her Scimitar of Death. In late 903 LC, in the cold days just before the Festival of Light, Bor and Ballelds arrived in the capital of the Kingdom of Laeryll, accompanied by their human slave.

Serving the Shekekar

The city was surrounded by encampments set up by refugees from Zhai, where the city of Lloridan had been under heavy attack by the Labarean Empire. Browsing around, Bor came across a mysterious porcelain bird mask sold by one of the refugees. He bought it and took it with him into the city.

In Prydisyrr, Bor stayed with Ballelds and his father Skrifreds Landidith, an important official in the city. While Ballelds studied in the Royal Academy of Evocation, Bor tried on the bird mask, but dropped unconscious. He decided to visit a druid in the Temple Tree, to help him make sense of the mask. The druid, visibly shaken, informed him that the mask is worn by Shekekar assassins from a guild in Zhai. The druid refused to help Bor with wearing the mask.

In the Uktar District, Bor and his slave Thadil met Bosko Bankiith, a lowlife who directed Bor to a merchant with more knowledge about the bird mask. The merchant explained the properties of the mask – including the possibility of becoming invisible while wearing one. Bor tried wearing it again, received an electric shock and dropped to the floor, unconscious. He woke up hours later, on the street, together with Thadil who had been mesmerized by a squirrel toy.

The following night, Bor was visited by a dark figure wearing a similar mask, who telepathically told him he was invited to join a society that fits the likes of him. The society offers great powers, at the cost of the occassional instruction that must be followed. Bor agreed and received his first instruction immediately: to kill Supreme General of the Royal Army of Laeryll, Kalied Ilbaereth.

The next day, Bor gathered information about Ilbaereth and discovered that the general would be present during a private party at the military barracks, where high officials would also be present. He knows that Skrifreds is invited and toys with the idea of stealing his host's invitation and having a new one forged by Bosko, who he also sent out to get him poison. Then Ballelds, who became a True Evoker the day before and was therefore also invited to the party, informs him that he can take along a guest.

Bor went to the party with three flasks of potion and bided his time. At some point, he saw Kalied talking to Falix Fisibird, already a bit agitated. Bor decided to turn himself invisible using the mask and to add the poison to Kalied's half filled glass. The plan worked: Kalied swallowed the contents of his glass and Bor remained unnoticed. However, the result was unexpected: Kalied entered a fit and went straight for King Olyxx III, who was sitting at a balcony with Queen Ceanna. Kalied almost threw the king off the balcony in rage, when Ballelds stopped him dead in his tracks by casting a laughing spell. Without Bor knowing, he had fed Kalied a potion of belligerence brewed by Bingverd Flossbottom.

While the assassination attempt failed, the fallout put Kalied Ilbaereth in a holding cell, while Ballelds was tasked with solving the mystery of what had occurred. Under the cover of helping the investigation, Bor gained access to the holding cell of Kalied and managed to kill him there, completing his mission for the Shekekar.

Rescuing Sego Pride

The assassination of Kalied Ilbaereth got Bor interested in pursuing alchemy and he went looking for a mentor. He managed to discretely set up a meeting with an old lady in Bluejay Park, just north of the Temple Tree. She was willing to mentor him in exchange for a small favor: to rescue the captive Labarean operative Sego Pride from The Citadel of Prydisyrr. Bor agreed to this and met with Thyameg Faturam, who had recently been released from the prison and knew all the details about the place.

Armed with this information, Bor went to the Citadel, under the pretense of being kitchen staff. In the Citadel, he met the cook Kaat Gwytuhn, who hated his job because the warden Osodyn Parnape was never interested in good ingredients or good food, unless it was extremely exotic.

Bor saw an opportunity to infiltrate the Citadel and persuaded Kaat to hire him for a short while. He would then bring great ingredients and together they would convince Osodyn that good food was important. Kaat went along with this and Bor went back to the city to gather the best ingredients.

These best ingredients could be found with Pethek Bhytear, a wood elf cook who recently lost his job working directly for Olyxx III. Unfortunately for Bor, he himself was responsible for this dismissal, as he had reported to the king on Bhytear's complacency when Falix Fisibird poisoned Kalied Ilbaereth's drink as part of the Falcon Conspiracy. Bhytear was therefore not exactly eager to help out Bor, but he still made a proposal: if Bor could get a good supply of orctongues in from Zeteyn before the last day of the Festival of Light, Bhytear would be willing to sell him luxury ingredients.

And so Bor went, accompanied by another elf who had been hired for this job: the green-haired ex-convict Thyameg Faturam. They reached Zeteyn and found out that a strange cult was cultivating the mushrooms on the bodies of young, consistently frightened children. They picked the mushrooms and returned to the city with baskets full of the valuable orctongues. Pethek Bhytear compensated them for the work and Bor went back to the Citadel, while Thyameg proclaimed he was off the the Southern Arm.

Bor managed to flee with both Bingverd Flossbottom and Sego Pride from the Citadel, which was hijacked by its prisoners. He brought the later to the designated dropoff point and then returned to Prydisyrr with Bingverd.

Escape from the city

In the city, Bor hid Bingverd in the alchemist's guild and met with Ballelds, who was attempting to have Olyxx III declare war on the Labarean Empire. The two met with Hef Hasin in the refugee camp outside of the city and persuaded him to have the humans join a Laeryllian war against the gnomes. With this committment in place, Ballelds and Bor spread the rumor that the Citadel had been attacked by the Labareans. Together with Drynieth Herell and some of the more war-oriented Province Keepers, Ballelds convinced the king to declare war. He also talked his way into a diplomatic mission to Qosid with Gaf Bhytear and Bor, to garner support from the wood elves.

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