Tome of Dorgoth

Crazy Lou

Crazy Lou (861 LC903 LC), also known as Lou the Conjurer or by his arcane name Vangaly, was a human conjuration wizard who resided in King's Swamp. Crazy Lou was killed while by Tijl Morningstar while attempting to claim Bothandal's Mine.

Lou arrived in Pellvyr, the largest town in the region, in 880 LC. At the time, he was part of a band of adventurers. He quickly realized that the ruins of the old elven settlement were likely to contain arcane treasures and he set out to recover old tomes, scrolls and other sources of knowledge. Together with Sillandra the Raven, he located an ancient library underneath Lakeside Manor and started studying its works.

The magic that Lou found was powerful and he became obsessed with deciphering it. In 898 LC, Lou finished his decryption of one of the spellbooks of Morsyana, the elven queen who succumbed to the temptations of dark magic. As he practiced rituals from the spellbook, Morsyana appeared in the library as a ghostly apparition. She promised to teach him the Forbidden Art, in exchange for his fealty.

In the subsequent years, Lou did not only learn dark magic, but also forged alliances with bugbears and human bandits, the latter of which served as his henchmen under the name Vangals, a reference to the arcane name that Lou took while studying the ancient spellbook. The Vangals provided Lou with a source of income and in exchange Lou used charms and spells to protect them from harm. Lakeside Manor became a haven for the criminals, its basement transformed into a secret hideout that complemented the Bullywug Bar, a bar in Pellvyr that was practically taken over by the Vangals.

In 903 LC, a rowdy group of adventurers burned down this bar as part of an escalated fight. When the news arrived at Lakeside Manor, Lou and the Vangals became furious and attacked the town. Resistance, however, was strong and when Lou and the bandits fled back to the hideout, they were chased by townsmen who stormed the hideout and killed and captured many of the Vangals. The ancient library remained hidden from the townsmen, however, and Lou managed to flee towards the Thracyll Mountains, where his bugbear allies lived.

Amongst the bugbears, Lou discovered that Morsyana had been plotting to enter the long-lost Mine of Bothandal: she knew the location of the mine, but her troops were unable to actually enter the crafting room inside the mine. One of them, a rogue mage who was called Blue Death, was tasked to retrieve a map that would help to enter the room, yet she was killed while doing so.

Lou started to realize he was the pawn in a much bigger game: the bugbears turned out to be under the influence of illithid and Lou himself became temporarily mind controlled by forces from The World Beneath. Longing to be fully accepted by such dark powers, Lou schemed with the illithid to have the aforementioned adventurers help open up the crafting room in Bothandal's Mine. Once they had done so, they attempted to get rid of the adventurers, but were killed by them instead.