Tome of Dorgoth


Forx, the god of death and autumn, is the son of Llorix and Waye and the brother of Ildan, with whom he forms the Divine Twins, the patrons of magic. Common symbols used for Forx are red autumn leaves or a triple spiral.

Churches and worship

The worship of Forx is common throughout Laeryll, but mostly limited to funerals and moments of mourning. In times of danger, sacrifices and prayers to Forx are common in order to keep death at bay. In some locations, Forx plays a large role in harvest rituals, owing to his association with autumn.

Centers of Worship

  • The Dwarven Mausoleum within The Porcupine contains an elaborate Forxian temple, where dwarves worship Forx to safeguard the afterlife of their ancestors

Notable Cults

  • The Undertakers are a cult of clerics and paladins devoted to ridding the world of undead. They follow the creed of Forx in that “all good things must come to an end” and view undead as an aberration that warrants cleansing.