Tome of Dorgoth


The wolf demon Geehynki is one of the demons that is commonly worshiped by goblinoid races, especially by the goblins of the Northern Arm. Geehynki manifests itself as a giant wolf or gnoll who commands its pack, and his cults are centered around the idea that one day, the world will be their hunting ground. Geehynki is currently chained in the Eternal Fire Pits, to which he was banished by Llorix.


The blood for Ules

Eons ago, Geehynki was the earthly servant of Ules, the moon. Ules would light the nights to ease Geehynki's hunting, and Geehynki would offer the bleedings to his mistress before devouring the meat of his prey. However, one day Geehynki decided to taste the blood and found that he liked it so much, that he was not willing to offer all of it anymore. Each night he would offer less and Ules, disappointed in her servant, would shine less in return. After a month, however, the nights were fully dark and Geehynki could no longer hunt. At that point, he decided to offer blood again, and howled at Ules to get her to notice. Today, all wolves do this, but once Ules appears they will return to hunting only for themselves.

When Geehynki wanted to be a god

One day, Geehynki was angry with the gods. He went to Zodan and told him: “Zodan, I am faster than your rivers and I eat the fish from your seas. Why are you a god, and I am not?” Zodan was offended and brought five years of rain to the world to teach Geehynki a lesson. But Geehynki only laughed, because he enjoys running through the mud and all the drowned cattle saved him the work of hunting. Then he went to Khandar and told him: “Khandar, my will is tougher than your rocks and I eat the goats from your mountains. Why are you a god, and I am not?”. Khandar roared and tore the earth in two, to teach Geehynki a lesson. But Geehynki only laughed, because he enjoyed running through the new tunnels and the crevices made it easier for him to ambush his prey. Then he went to Llorix and told him: “Llorix, my rage is hotter than your fires and can hunt without your light. Why are you a god, and I am not?” Llorix then shone bright on Geehynki, who became thirsty and slow. “Zodan,” he pleaded. “Please give me rain and water!” But the rain did not come, and all water was gone. “Khandar,” he howled. “Please give me shade!”, but the land stayed flat.

“Curses!”, Geehynki shouted. “Curses to Zodan, to Khandar, and cures to Llorix! Curses to all gods, who only make us suffer!”. And for this, Llorix banished Geehynki to the Fire Pits, where he now lives as a demon and is chained as a dog.

Notable Cults

  • The goblins of the Northern Arm are often devoted to the wolf demon, calling for his help when going to hunt or battle.
  • Orc tribes in the Thracyll Mountains place a wolf head in their totem, which imbues them with stealth, strength and wise strategies
  • Gnolls, whose bodies are crafted from Geehynki's demonic energies make sacrifices to the demon

Apparitions and manifestations

  • Geehynki sometimes empowers gnolls with his spirit and has them go on a killing spree. Gnolls possessed this way are known as Fangs. If a creature killed by a Fang is eaten by a wolf, the wolf turns into a gnoll.
  • Geehynki manifests himself in the material world as a giant wolf with eyes that shine bright red with demonic energies.