Tome of Dorgoth

Gundaryk Herell

Gundaryk Herell (478 LC – present) is the great-grandson of Kopellds Herell–who wanted war against the humans in 199 BLC and encouraged The Nine-Year Purge]–and the younger brother of Supreme General Drynieth Herell. Gundaryk Herell devoted his life to law and justice and has become High Priest of Ush in Prydisyrr.

Gundaryk Herell believes that the Labarean Invasion of Zhai demands intervention, but not military intervention. Instead he wants to use diplomacy to obtain a ceasefire and demand reparations for the destruction of holy sites. He agrees with Eribell Gauntshyn that renegotiation of the Hilltower Treaty will be a necessary part of it.

In late Marat 903 LC, Herell was sent to The Porcupine by King Olyxx III to discuss a joint war effort. Bearing gifts, including a harem of Uktar women and a commissioned statue of King Olyxx, he planned to use the opportunity to negotiate an agreement that was in line with his personal convictions.