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 +======Hasin Purushu======
 +Hasin Purushu ([[868 LC]] -- present) is a human priest at the Grand Temple of Justice in [[:Main City of Lloridan|Lloridan]] and an active member of the [[Fist of Ush]]. He is an important figure in the resistance against the Labarean occupation of Zhai.
 +====Early life====
 +Purushu was born the son of a banana plantation worker, but got into recurrent difficulties with the land owners, who he considered to be exploitative and unjust. The land owners used their connections within Lloridan to force Purushu into the city's //shibalar//, its armed forces that are always looking for able-bodied youngsters. Through the //shibalar//, Purushu learnt the tenets of [[Ush]] and, to the dismay of the city's //pakshilar//, started championing justice within Lloridan's walls. It was around this time that he joined the Fist of Ush. Under tutelage of [[Pahadikeh Buzo]], a diplomat and high priest of the Grand Temple, Purushu received a modicum of protection but barely survived an attack on his life in [[899 LC]]. He did not give up, however, and kept building a network both within and outside the //shibalar//, uniting fierce warriors and exploited workers.
 +====The Labarean Invasion====
 +In [[903 LC]], the [[Labarean Empire]] attacked Lloridan. In early [[904 LC]], they started occupying the city. Purushu had already been an opponent of slave trade and did not accept rulership by an Empire that so eagerly espoused the practice. Besides, despite the enforcement of the [[622 Magic Ban]], more than a few among the Lloridan elites welcomed the Labareans, as it gave them new avenues of influence and opened up possibilities for them within the [[Imperial Trading Company]]. Purushu saw the invasion as an opportunity to get rid of both the old and the new elites and establish a just order based on the [[War Codex]].
 +Within the Sage District, wizards barricaded themselves into the [[House of Thought]] and used the temple as headquarters to strike against the Labareans. Learning of this development through contacts at [[The Traveling Word]], Purushu used his network to gather intelligence for the wizards. His men also ran missions to sabotage Labarean efforts and transformed the Grand Temple of Justice into a safehouse.