Tome of Dorgoth


Llorix (also The Light, The Fire King, The Creator) is the supreme ruler of the Pantheon of Twelve and the god of light, fire and insight. It is also the name of the sun that shines on Khandar.


Llorix is said to have created nearly all members of the Pantheon. While dwarven scholars claim that Llorix did not create Khandar, the god of rocks and mountains, the elven tradition states that only Llorix has existed since the beginning of time. Both races agree, however, that Khandar and Llorix are rivals and that it was a fight between them that created Waye and Zodan: the heat of Llorix caused Khandar to sweat, and from this sweat emerged Zodan, while the roughness of Khandar caused Llorix to bleed, and from this blood emerged Waye.

Impregnating Waye led to the birth of the Divine Twins Ildan and Forx, while Llorix also created Dorgoth, Ush and Tyra.

Churches and worship

As the leader of the Pantheon, Llorix is worshipped by all races and cultures. Within Uktaria and other lands of the Southern Arm, Llorix is considered a fearsome god requiring constant appeasement through sacrifice.

Centers of worship

Notable cults