Tome of Dorgoth

Main City of Lloridan

The Trading District

Travelers from the north are likely to arrive in the northwestern, highest district, which currently serves as a hub for trade. In ancient times, this district was under control of a Zhai conjuration cult named Anki Todon, or the Violet Panther. While most of it is long gone, some walls still show remainders of the violet paint that used to adorn them all. Also, reliefs of panther faces made from violet rocks can be found in the walls, above archways and inside older buildings.

The trading district is a stacked district: its growth was limited by the thick walls that demarcate its territory, which led to the practice of building houses on houses. In most cases, this architecture was made possible through the use of magic, so much of the stacking does not look stable at all. It is, however, as long as you don't count the fact that some of the blocks have the habit of moving around. While not all buildings are stacked, many of them are and they can reach heights up to 20 blocks (or 60 meters).

The stacked houses also led to the emergence of upstreets, passageways that exist on the rooftops of connected houses. Upstreets and downstreets are connected through ladders, and busy upstreets often have mechanical elevators to transport wares. Those traveling rapidly are known to use magical disks or other aids to quickly move up and down blocks.

The trading district is filled with hidden bazaars, in-crowd inns, secretive guilds and underground arenas. Moreover, the moving nature of the building blocks means that its navigation is constantly changing. No map of the trading district is ever fully up to date. Still, there are some points of interest that stay in place and that are frequented by locals and travelers alike.

Fortune Hall

This temple of Simka houses a casino, shrines to the goddess and organizes a monthly lottery using one or more Simka Decks. It is located just opposite the entrance to the trade district, if arriving through the stairs up the main hill, between the apothecary and alehouse The Porcupine.

Red Roof Inn

The Red Roof Inn is located on the first three stacks at an upstreet that is painted red, and which is commonly used as a market and departure point for okytal riders. The inn has seven rooms on the first stack, and a spacious room for drinking and eating on the second stack. The third stack is off-limits to guests and houses the owner of the inn (Thirgu the Hunter), the cook and servants, or any private guests he may have around.

The Red Roof Inn is known as a meeting place for political radicals who look to avoid or overthrow the city's pakshilar, and also a hotbed for revolt against the Labarean Empire now that it attempts to occupy Lloridan. The inn has secret doors in every stack, allowing for escapes in every direction.

Bazaar Exotica

This former in-house bazaar is currently occupied by Labarean troops, who wish to maintain a large presence in the highest district. Most wares have been looted by the invaders, although foodstuffs and some chests with valuables remain. The sellers who used to work on the bazaar are furious with the Labareans, as Exotica was a place that attracted a lot of trade.

The Sun God's Meathouse

Inside a pompous stone building, one of the most popular restaurants of Zhai welcomes guests, segregated by social status. The lower class tables are seated collectively, but smaller rooms exist for those who can afford more, and private tables are available for those who enjoy good food during their political scheming. Second only to Mad Cooks Expeditions and Fine Cuisine, The Sun God's offers meat of virtually every kind.

The Warehouse

Technically not a warehouse, The Warehouse is a temple to Klanek, run by the human merchant-priest Wudu Wasusu. Wasusu houses his own cult in the building. Assisted by only young, attractive women, Wasusu's creed is that it is a divine mission to create value, by turning the existing world into something that has more demand. He sends out adventurers to locate new resources and exploit them for what he perceives to be the greater good. Wasusu owns several companies, including the Lloridan Meat Company, zholtan mines on the Northern Arm, The Sun God's Meathouse, fruit farms in southern Zhai, Bazaar Exotica and Silimanis Spannerworks.

The Warehouse is a large hall with high ceilings and tall windows in which glasswork portrays scenes from dwarven mythology. Centrally, in front of a private room that is connected to the far wall of the temple, stands a large bronze statue on an anvil being hit by a hammer. For Wasusu, Klanek's connection to blacksmithing is symbolic for all transformation of raw materials.

The clergy of Wudu Wasusu will assume that any visitors during the day are looking for a deal and they drive a hard bargain. They can even try to rent out space at Bazaar Exotica, even though it can't be used due to the Labarean occupation.

Violet Garden

The Violet Garden is housed in the old headquarters of the Violet Panther. Creatures and beasts obtained from faraway regions and planes are kept here in cages, and a garden filled with exotic, sometimes monstrous plants is open for visitors. The decorations of the room still betray its past, with the heavy symbolism of the Anki Todon on display on its walls and ceilings. Current highlights of the collection are a nothic, a hollyphant and a fire snake.

The Labarean army has secured this building and guards it. The demand an entrance fee of two Dragons per person.

City Balcony

The city balcony is a popular location during the evening, as it offers a view of the rest of the city from a height. The balcony looks down on the Garden District and shows the Military District and the Sage District in the distance. The Common District remains out of view.

Military District

The Military District is positioned in the traditional district of abjurers, or brown district. It is home to a sizable military base containing training grounds, as well as industries, religious sites, an elaborate bathing house and more.

Military Base

Temple of Justice

This temple of Ush, under guidance of Hasin Purushu is the homebase of the Fist of Ush.

Mason's Guild

The Walking Wall

This workplace and store sells shields and other items for protection purposes.

Sage District

Garden District

The Garden District lies 500 meters beneath the Trading District. It consists of three connected large parks, that lie around a central lake. Currently, the Labareans have set up a camp in Zhidarim Park (the largest of the three).

Zhidarim Park

Named after the legendary transmutation wizard Zhidarim, this is the largest of the tree parks and the one that contains a sporting ground dedicated to wrestling and martial arts. Oaks line the lanes of Zhidarim Park, as the oak was Zhidarim's holy tree. Zhidarim did not do most of his work in Lloridan, but lived there for a short while. The statue's plaque reads: “Change reveals the fixed.”

Bathaniel Park

This park is named after Bathaniel of Zhai and contains a petting zoo, a statue of Bathaniel holding a reverse Thallix with a plaque reading “There is news in the past”, plus an amphitheatre for orations and plays. Bathaniel was born in the small town of Makata in 503 LC and had his first training in Lloridan, in what is now the Sage District.

Valgyth Park

This park contains a market square, specializing in books. It is named after Valgyth the Charmer, who proposed that there are eight fundamental types of magic. The park contains a statue of Valgyth, juggling eight balls that are magically kept afloat in the air. The statue's plaque reads “If magic had no structure, what could we harness?”

Benches line the lanes through Valgyth Park, and many people can be seen reading books or conversing there. Geese can be seen walking around this park.

Zodan's Tear

An artificial lake, Zodan's tear holds exotic fish and draws people from across the city. Some people swim here for relief, and water wizards often hone their skills here.

Common District