Tome of Dorgoth


Morsyana the Mad
Queen of Laeryll
Reign 5 BLC - 37 LC
Predecessor Bothandal the Crafter
Successor Galythiel

Morsyana (153 BLC853 LC (undead)), also known as the Death Queen, was the daughter of Bothandal the Crafter and twin sister of Galythiel. She is currently a lich queen living in the World Beneath.

A dispute with her sister during the Second Diarchy led to the War of the Sisters (11 LC39 LC), which ultimately forced Morsyana to flee into the Thracyll Mountains with her loyalists. Presumed dead due to the harsh environment of this orc-infested territory, Morsyana led her men into the World Beneath, where she overtook a fledgling community of svirfneblin in 42 LC.

Life in the World Beneath

Carving out a territory with impunity and cruelty, she became known to the underdwellers as the “Demon from Heaven” and united many races under her tyranny (although unity might not exaclty be how any of them would describe it). While she tolerated in-fighting, she insisted on having all races ready for war, and prohibited anyone from mating with her elves, as she wanted to keep the elven race pure for her vision of a New Laeryll. Her power grew and she managed to form an alliance with a group of illithid, whose hunger for brains was stilled by the steady supply of troublemakers, dissidents or unfortunates from Morsyana's own ranks.

In 853 LC, Morsyana finished the necromantic preparations necessary for building a phylactery, and continued to rule her underground territory as a lich. A new generation of elves had grown up in the World Beneath, with a radical longing for reclaiming the surface world Northern Arm. Morsyana realized, however, that overcoming the technological might of the Labarean Empire and the magical powers of the Kingdom of Laeryll and Zhai would not come easy.

Deal with Demons

What Morsyana needed, was a horde, and she knew exactly what she needed to get one. Her studies of the necromantic had made her knowledgeable about the many demon cults that exist, both on the surface world and beneath, and she knew that an alliance with these demons themselves would make a reclaim of her lands – and even more – much easier.

And so she went to contact the wolf demon Geehynki, the slime demon Goozyex, the horned demon Astarion, the fungus queen Shlumzoif, the winged demon Garaz'Paduuh, and the three demonic princes Graz'zt, Orcus and Demogorgon. She offered each of them help to gain entry to her world, in exchange for soldiers for her wars.

As the demons returned, however, the already chaotic realm of the World Beneath became crazier and crazier, as the psychic energies of the demons disrupted the area. That madness started seeping into the surface world, too, with dwarves returning mad from the deep mines near The Porcupine. The cult of madness in Safar proved especially sensitive to the psychic shift and started worshiping their old god Dasimar more fervently. Effects were especially pronounced in the Mistlands, where the border between the World Beneath and the surface world was thin, so that mad underdwellers easily found their way up.

Morsyana's Plan

In 902 LC, Morsyana's spies on the surface world picked up that the Labareans had conquered one of the residences that used to belong to her father, Bothandal the Crafter. Inside, they located a coded map, which Morsyana knew pointed to the location of Bothandal's Mine. Although she already knew the location of this mine, its crafting room was locked down by powerful magic, and she knew the map would provide hints as to its opening. Since access to the crafting room would provide her with an important asset to her war plans, she collaborated with the illithid to reclaim it and sent out one of her more promising soldiers, the blue-haired rogue-wizard whose penchant for lethal violence had earned her the name Blue Death.

The illithid commanded a sizable group of bugbears on the surface world, who were instructed to form an alliance with the Krikk tribe in Castle Krikk and who convinced the hobgoblin leader of the tribe to let them oversee the various goblin operations in King's Swamp. At the same time, Blue Death struck a deal with the conjurer Crazy Lou in the village of Pellvyr, offering him powerful magic and the help of the bugbears in exchange for his aid in securing the region. The conjurer, who had been in magical contact with Morsyana after finding her old spell laboratory, accepted this deal and used his newfound power to take control over a rowdy group of criminals called the Vangals.

Losing the map

Sometime later, the dwarven venture capitalist Gondwen Huckstone was kidnapped by the Krikk tribe. Huckstone had gotten his hands on the map and was hoping to set up a lucrative business in the sleepy village, when he was ambushed together with Brightface. Huckstone was taken to Castle Krikk, where Krikk took his possessions. What Krikk didn't realize was that Huckstone had removed the wax seal that held the key to the map and had put it in a locket. While Krikk kept onto the map, he gave the locket away to his goblin priest Lhupo.

Brightface, who was rescued by a band of adventurers, went to Pellvyr where he defeated the Vangals. He set up a tribunal in Pellvyr and restored justice in the village, while Huckstone was saved by the same adventurers, but lost his map to one of them: Ballelds Landidith, a wizard-in-training, who was sent after the map by the Kingdom of Laeryll.

This did not deter Huckstone. Together with Tijl Morningstar and Glückmock, who had retrieved the key to the map from Lhupo, he convinced the bugbear Axeman Gronk to show the whereabouts of the mine. After a perilous journey through the mine, they arrived at the crafting room of the complex.

Sword of Morsyana

In the meantime, the Sword of Morsyana was retrieved from Lloridan.