Tome of Dorgoth


Orctongues are a type of mushroom found around the Border Hills in northern Dathyll. They derive their name from the myth of the elven hero Vassakiel, who fought orc tribes coming from Lorr Tahak. Despite their promises to remain on the other side of the hills, the orcs crossed anyway. Vassakiel single-handedly killed the invaders, from whose blood the mushrooms sprouted, taking the shape of the lying orc tongues.

Culinary use

Orctongues have a spicy, clean flavor that is reminiscent of cinnamon. For elves, the mushroom has special significance and is a vital part of the autumn soup traditionally eaten on the last day of the Festival of Light.


The orctongue is a rare mushroom, especially since the Border Hills area is unsafe and a place where the only authority lies with the green dragon Passixopitheus. Several traders gather and sell the mushrooms in Prydisyrr, and there is a community named Zeteyn where locals cultivate and grow the mushroom.


Unbeknownst to others, Zeteyn is a small cult dedicated to the fungus queen Shlumzoif and the cultivation of orctongues is part of a process where they grow fungi on their own bodies, in the hopes of obtaining fungal powers. Until 903 LC, they financed their operations through the sales of mushrooms, but that year Shlumzoif sent a vision that prompted the cultist to halt sales and have some cult members be consumed by the fungal growths.

This led to a shortage of orctongues for the restaurant of Pethek Bhytear, which was briefly solved by Bor Durlyne and Thyameg Faturam, who forcefully took orctongues from the cult in order to celebrate the Festival of Light.