Tome of Dorgoth

Pantheon of Twelve

The Pantheon of Twelve is a theological concept with which a specific set of gods is designated. These gods are recognized and worshiped by humans, dwarves, elves and gnomes alike, although cultures might vary in the importance they give to specific gods. For example, Khandar and Klanek are especially revered by the dwarves, while elves focus more on Waye and Llorix while still worshiping the Bird Gods, who in their culture preceded the Pantheon of Twelve.

List of the gods

The gods within the Pantheon of Twelve and their associated domains are shown in the below table.

Llorix sun, light, insight, summer
Forx autumn, loss, death
Khandar winter, resilience, earth, mountains
Ildan spring, birth, health, creativity
Ush justice, law, war, valor
Dorgoth knowledge, understanding, technology
Kael beauty, attraction, bonding
Klanek blacksmithing, commerce
Tyra music, fun, beer, wine
Simka hunting, fortune, randomness
Waye trees, plants
Zodan water, movement, travel, sports