Tome of Dorgoth


Qosid is the largest and most populous province of the Kingdom of Laeryll and is inhabited almost completely by wood elves. It is bordered by Shyfayll in the north and Dathyll in the east and south. Qosid consists of countless small communes, that send representatives to a general assembly in the capital Thellur every fifteen years.


Qosid is the birthplace of elves. Elves lived there even before The Shimmering created high elves and wood elves consider themselves to be the purest among elvenkind. Since 1903 BLC, Qosid has been part of the Kingdom of Laeryll, but relations between the province and the kingdom are as tense as those between wood elves and high elves.

Bothandal's Reign

In the fifth century BLC, humans had arrived on the Northern Arm. They started communities along the full coastal strip, from the Labarean peninsula to The Mouth and Silimanis. The elves noticed the presence of the humans but thought little of them initially. The humans avoided the areas where elves lived and at times proved to be interesting trade partners. However, human civilization expanded and especially their logging activity brought ire to the elves and especially to the wood elves.

Qosid decided to get involved and sent emissaries to one of the human settlements. They proposed an ultimatum: the humans would need to cease logging before the next full moon. Each day of logging afterwards, they would steal a human child in the night.

What the wood elves did not realize, was that human society was not as cohesive as elven society. Reaching an agreement with one human was irrelevant to the actions of other humans. And so, logging continued. And the elves followed up on their threat and started stealing babies from the many human settlements. The situation quickly escalated and in 360 BLC a number of fights broke out between elves from Qosid and the Small Provinces on the one side, and disparate human settlements on the other.

King Bothandal the Crafter was not happy with these autonomous actions and visited the region personally, ordering the elves to stand down and cease violence against the humans.

War of the Sisters (10 LC - 39 LC)

When Morsyana defied her sister Galythiel and pursued an aggressive strategy against both the gnomes of the Labarean Empire and the humans of Silimanis, this was initially applauded by communes in Qosid. The Flametongues, wood elves who adapted fire evocation for combat, joined Morsyana, helped her overtake Prydisyrr and marched with her to invade Silimanis.

Secession of Qosid (699 LC)