Tome of Dorgoth

Royal Army of Laeryll

The Royal Army of Laeryll consists of all forces and military structures within the provinces of the Kingdom of Laeryll. Formally under control of a single Supreme General, the Royal Army consists of a wide variety of traditions, ranging from land to sky and from martial to magical.


All provinces have their own type of infantry, the greatest contributor to the army being Qosid. Each province organizes its infantry differently, despite attempts by Kalied Ilbaereth to standardize hierarchies. In Qosid, fighting is mostly done using stealthy, self-organized bands, while Dathyll has a tradition of using larger groups with clear leadership. Pothael does not use a standing army, but has well-trained militias. The collective name for all infantry is Royal Troopers.


Control over the infantry of Dathyll is in the hands of the sidifynn, who has absolute say over the lower ranks, strategizes movements and designs all training. The practice is put in the hands of lower ranks, although Dathyllian sidifynn are always renowned fighters willing to join battle. The sidifynn regularly speaks to the laefyles to anticipate on future requirements.


The ranks in the Dathyllian infantry are:

  • Sidifynn: reports to the Laefyles (the Supreme General), highest infantry rank
  • Laefynn: Commanding function beneath sidifynn, controls regiments of troops
  • Cafyles: Lowest commanding function, controls battalions
  • Quilidalis: Tactical officer, follows instructions of cafyles but makes ad hoc decisions for lower ranks
  • Teldalis: Soldier, follows instructions of quilidalis unless superseded by higher-ranked officers