Tome of Dorgoth


The Shekekar, or Birds of Prey, are a group of assassins that is active on both the Northern and Southern Arm of Laeryll. Legend says that, during the War of the Sisters, a band of humans dressed up in the traditional gear worn during the Festival of the Birds, and massacred an elven forest community. Humans, however, have stories in which the roles are exactly switched. Whatever the origins of the Shekekar, they are now feared killers who count many races and cultures among their ranks

Goals of the organization

Shekekar goals are many, as each member is free to pursue his or her own ambitions in addition to requests from higher-placed assassins, and transient collaborations between assassins are widespread. Still, some of these alliances are more stable and long-term than others and it is quite possible that the Shekekar are steering history through targeted political assassinations.

Benefits of membership

The training and resources of the Shekekar are many. The bird masks grant invisibility to its wearers (except from each other) and it is said that members are ultimately taught to planeshift in order to facilitate killings. Furthermore, the organization grants access to a network of killers and can typically help members to locate or approach their targets.

Structure of the organization

The ranking system, as well as the sanctions leveled against those who disobey, are shrouded in mystery. It is quite possible there is little structure to the organization, and compliance is solely based on widespread fear of repercussions. Still, there is talk of a figure named The Owl, who would ultimately oversee the Shekekar. Senior Shekekar are sometimes dubbed Ravens.