Tome of Dorgoth

The Mouth

The Mouth is a port city, located in a cavernous network. Its name is derived from its entrance, a carefully crafted serpent's mouth that opens into a harbor at the end of a narrow gulf. The Mouth is located halfway between Silimanis and the Labarean peninsula.

Any visitor to The Mouth from sea will arrive in a large cavern that is teeming with market activity. Foods from all over the world are sold next to imported dwarven weaponry, Labarean gadgets, otykal tusks and pottery from the Free Cities. The numerous pathways from this main cavern - existing at various heights – lead to storage rooms and faraway hidden shops where less legal wares are being peddled.

Because of the Labarean occupation, incoming ships are checked for magic items, but the gnomes tolerate further illegal trade.