Tome of Dorgoth

Wudu Wasusu

Wudu Wasusu (855 LC – ) is a human merchant-priest of Klanek, living in Lloridan, Zhai. Wususu preaches the exploitation of resources and encourages his followers to create new goods for trading. He is the head of many companies, owning Lloridan Meat Company, several zholtan mines on the Northern Arm, The Sun God's Meathouse in Lloridan, fruit farms in southern Zhai, Bazaar Exotica and Silimanis Spannerworks. Besides this, he has investments in real estate, renting out the LLoridan club house of The Traveling Word as well as property in Prydisyrr.


Wasusu is always looking for new deals and plans, excited at the prospect of turning an idea into money. He decides intuitively and does not easily trust others. He has great respect for notable traders and is especially impressed by the dwarves of The Porcupine who he sees as the most ancient of traders. Similarly, he appreciates the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the gnomes, who he considers to have the deepest understanding of Klanek's principles. While he is not happy with the fact that the Labarean army occupied his Bazaar Exotica, he does see opportunities in dealing within the orderly structures of the Labarean Empire. In fact, he admires the Labarean attempts to make volumes and weights more measurable, observing that technology allows one to meet demand in ways that would otherwise be inconceivable.


Wasusu is obsessed with living long, as he believes his brief human lifespan is an unfair disadvantage against the other races, who can go for longer bets. This is why he funds alchemical research into immortality and experiments with concoctions to boost his lifespan. He is the main sponsor of Aendir Billidiru, who is researching longevity in Prydisyrr, Dathyll.

Tenets of Wasusu's Church

The tenets of Wasusu's church come down to business acumen, as codified in the following sayings.

  • Buy low, sell high. Always find a seller who needs to lose his wares, so that you can buy them cheaply. Then, find a customer who really needs your wares, so you can sell them with a good profit.
  • Check the crate. Make sure you know what you are buying. If you don't, it is only just if you are cheated.
  • Cut your losses. If you lose, you lose. Do not give in to the temptation of chasing a losing game.
  • See what it could be. You can only add value by transformation. Commerce is creativity.
  • Theft is the greatest sin. For it is removing value.

Central to Wasusu's belief is the interpretation of Klanek's mythology. After showing the dwarves how to turn rocks into metals and metals into weapons, the dwarves improved their lives and started selling to other races. He believes this origin myth of blacksmithing actually refers to all acts of commerce and that Klanek meant to say that we should turn the world into things other people want. This central idea of adding value is holy to him, and he likes to compare blacksmithing to cooking, where a well-produced fish sells for much more than a raw fish.

Popularity of the Church

While Wasusu is an accomplished businessman, his church has not achieved much popularity, except as a place to have business meetings. Instead of followers, Wususu has clergy on his payroll and there is no other temple of his cult besides The Warehouse in the trading district of Lloridan.