Tome of Dorgoth

Secret of Pellvyr

The Secret of Pellvyr is an adventure that took place in 903 LC, in King's Swamp.


The tale starts when Gondwen Huckstone, the proprietor of the Scared Hare Inn in Nadi, is gambling with some of the Labarean troops stationed in his village. One of them places a bet using an archeological find and loses it to Huckstone, who realizes it is a miner's map from nearby King's Swamp, an area that is formally part of the Kingdom of Laeryll, but that was left deserted almost a thousand years ago and is currently being settled by mostly humans.

Huckstone has contacts in the main town of King's Swamp, called Pellvyr and decides to go there to get more information about the map. There, Lou the Conjurer studies it and claims it points towards the ancient mine of Bothandal the Crafter, a legendary place that is as rich in ore as it is in magic. =

Back in Nadi, he finds out that the Labareans are not happy with the losing bet. Huckstone is wanted by the Empire. Together with his friend Sigrid Brightface he devises a plan: he will pack up all his belongings and move them to Pellvyr. Since that town is formally part of Kingdom Laeryll, the Labarean Empire will not dare to chase him there. He takes his savings and buys the local inn in Pellvyr, which he renames to The Gold and Red, a reference to the colors on his ancient map. To be on the safe side, Sigrid calls in fellow members of the Fist of Ush: the Silimani Gunslingers

All Gondwen then needed then was a group of men to help him move his complete brewery to his new home.

Moving to Pellvyr

It was not hard to find a group ready to help out. In fact, the call that he and Sigrid had sent out was answered by quite a large group: Ballelds Landidith, Bor Durlyne, Spatula the Bard, Kramknir Arutan, Tijl Morningstar and Thardis the Wanderer. This group set out from Nadi and moved north towards King's Swamp, while Sigrid and Gondwen traveled ahead.

Upon their arrival in King's Swamp, the party found the horse of their client lying on the middle of the road and were ambushed by a band of goblins. The party managed to overcome the ambush and spared one goblin, who led them to a nearby hideout in which goblins were overseen by a single bugbear. The party found Sigrid was kept inside, as well as two Labarean gnomes. The party uncovered that Gondwen was kept in Castle Krikk, saved Sigrid, but left the gnomes behind. Ballelds attempted to magically burn and kill the gnomes, but failed to do so without knowing. The severely burned gnomes were found by bugbears a few days later and taken to another hideout, this time in the Thracyll Mountains.

The group then continued onto Pellvyr and rested in the ruins of Beltar, where a ghostly apparition put them on edge. Bor Durlyne succeeded in reconciling the ghost of a young child with that of his mother, who was tethered to her longbow. In return, the wood elf rogue was granted the bow.

Trouble in town

In Pellvyr, the group took residence in The Gold and Red, without realizing the inn was owned by their client. From this base of operations, they explored the small town, which was preparing for an autumn market. They harassed the gnome merchant Larno Liggleflips and stole his slave, picked a fight with the gang members of The Vangals, extorted the local warehouse, broke into city hall, burned down a local inn owned by the Vangals and then left town as the angry gang launched a counter-offensive. Thanks to the help of Daran Lightsteel, who had befriended Thardis, the party knew where to find Castle Krikk and set out to rescue Gondwen.

Castle Krikk

The party traveled north and came upon a dwarven grave, which was honored by Kramknir. After a stirge attack that took several of their mounts, the group arrived at a watchtower near Castle Krikk. Kramknir recognized the castle as the ancient Khandar's Blessing and was upset by the idea that a hobgoblin had now taken residence there.

The party snuck into the castle and took out a large number of goblins, but was ultimately caught by King Krikk himself. Through clever use of enchantment magic, they managed to charm their way out of the situation, while also freeing Gondwen, who was kept by Krikk to play a hurdy-gurdy. As they knew that their mysterious nemesis Blue Death was on her way to meet with Krikk, they planned an ambush near the watchtower. This ambush succeeded, as a brutal battle ended with Blue Death decapitated and her bugbear henchman (including Axeman Gronk) neutralized.

After the fight, the party needed rest, but also realized Krikk was likely to come looking for them. They took refuge in an old watchtower.