Tome of Dorgoth

Ballelds Landidith

Ballelds Landidith (773 LC - present), also known as The Kingsaver, is a high elf born from the family Landidith and a True Wizard in the School of Evocation. Ballelds obtained the map to Bothandal's Mine during the final trial of his training, but is most famous for saving the life of Olyxx the Young in 903 LC, during the events of the Falcon Conspiracy and the subsequent trust that the king placed in him. While there were several causes for the War of the Northern Arm in 904 LC, Ballelds' assertion that the hijacking of The Citadel of Prydissyrr was a plot by the Labarean Empire convinced Olyxx that a declaration of war was necessary even before the formation of an alliance.

Early life


Ballelds joined the Royal Academy of Evocation in Prydissyrr in 857 LC, at age 84, on the basis of his natural penchant for shaping reality. Not used to discipline, he pursued his personal interest in a rather haphazard way and, unfortunately for the Academy, that personal interest revolved around fire. In 888 LC, Ballelds accidentally opened a four-way dimensional gate to the plane of fire, causing part of the Academy to go up in flames. A sizable donation to the Academy by his father ensured not only an expanded reconstruction of its site, but also silence about Ballelds' role in the fire and an additional chance for him to finish his education.

In his final years, Ballelds studied under the supervision of Nafindil and specialized in fire evocation.

Map to Bothandal's Mine

The test to become a True Wizard was issued by Nafindil and the Prydisyrr Historical Society, who had uncovered that an ancient elven item had been found during a recent Labarean excavation. The item had been taken along by Blade of Dorgoth agents who, however, lost it,in a bet against the dwarf entrepreneur Gondwen Huckstone, who ran a bar in the town of Nadi. Ballelds went to Nadi and found that Huckstone was in the process of moving to Pellvyr, the capital of the Laeryllian province King's Swamp. He managed to infiltrate into Huckstone's circle, joining a rowdy group of adventurers who were hired by the dwarf to help him move. Huckstone had realized the item was a map pointing to the location of the mythical Bothandal's Mine.

In King's Swamp, Huckstone and his friend, the Fist of Ush warrior Sigrid Brightface, were ambushed by goblins under control of the hobgoblin King Krikk. Krikk knew that Huckstone carried the map, as he himself collaborated with forces from the World Beneath, and he had both Huckstone and Brightface kidnapped.

Ballelds and his fellow travelers managed to rescue Brightface from a goblin stronghold and brought him to Pellvyr. Afterwards, they secured both Huckstone and the ancient map from Castle Krikk. While still under pursuit of the hobgoblin king, Ballelds and his wood elf associate Bor Durlyne took the map from their party member Kramknir Arutan and they left for Prydisyrr, where they handed the map to Nafindil and the Historical Society.

Criminal charges

While in Pellvyr, Ballelds and his adventuring company were involved in several fights, crimes and other disturbances of the peace. Brightface, who was aiming to reestablish the frontier town's order in the name of Ush, initially gave his own rescuers the benefit of the doubt. However, as arson, fighting and gang wars started ravaging his new home, he understood something had to be done. The Silimani Gunslingers, human members of the Fist of Ush, were already on their way to reinforce Brightface's activities. Brightface informed them of Ballelds' adventuring band and handed a long list of charges against them:

  • Arson
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Destruction of property
  • Racketeering
  • Interfering with commerce (Hilltower Treaty)
  • Breaking and entering

The gunslingers pursued the party through King's Swamp and ultimately tracked Bor Durlyne and Ballelds to Prydissyrr in Dathyll, where the duo was located on Dorges 5, 903 LC, one day after King Olyxx publicly declared war against the Labarean Empire. Both managed to flee, however – Bor Durlyne was aided by the charms of Bingverd Flossbottom and Ballelds was dressed up as Gaf Bhytear by Valthyx the Evoker to allow him to leave Prydisyrr undetected.

Relationship to the King

On the first day of the Festival of Light in 903 LC, Ballelds had joined an elite gathering in the Prydisyrr Army Barracks. During this event, general Kalied Ilbaereth was under the influence of multiple doses of beliggerence potion crafted by Bingverd Flossbottom. His rage was directed against king Olyxx III, as they were at the times in conflict about foreign policy affairs. Ilbaereth attacked the king and threatened to throw him off a balcony, when Ballelds succesfully enchanted him with a laughter spell, causing the general to let go of the king.

Subsequent to this heroic deed, Ballelds and his friend Bor Durlyne investigated the crime and discovered the Falcon Conspiracy, through which wizards, military officers and politicians meant to bring about war. Balleld's very own dean Valthyx was involved in the conspiracy and enlisted Ballelds to promote war while in the immediate circle of the king.

Ballelds special standing came to an end once King Olyxx learned about the crimes committed in Pellvyr, but Valthyx still saw use for Balllelds and helped the wizard escape to Qosid.

Travels through Qosid