Tome of Dorgoth

Bothandal's Mine

Bothandal's Mine is an ancient mine in King's Swamp, named after Bothandal the Crafter who used rich sources of magic within the mine to craft the most wondrous magic items. The mine was a well-kept secret in Bothandal's days and was destroyed after his death, as marauding orcs swept King's Swamp in the wake of the War of the Sisters. Still, given the dwarves and elves who lived and worked around the mine, legends about the magical location spread across Laeryll.

Location and structure

The mine is located in the Thracyll Mountains, near the Chicken's Beak peak. There are several entrances to the mine, all of them leading to the core facilities of the mining complex.

The core facilities are locked behind Poet Keys, mechanisms devised by the Laeryllians and the dwarves that only unlock if symbols or music that is related to elven poetry are provided. The exact phrases of poems (or verse numbers thereof) are kept as passcodes. The mine of Bothandal contained extra security measures in the form of a Party Piano, fire locks, acidid arrow-shooting golems, and a fire skull.


In 899 LC, Blade of Dorgoth agents secured an old elven building in Toktar Forest. Amongst the murals, figurines and other items that were shipped to the historical museum in Atradi, the agents found carefully drawn maps, that were sent to the headquarters of the Blade for analysis. Based on features (mountain ranges and a lake) and symbolism (red and gold birds flying from the mountains to the heavens), the Labareans concluded that a rich source of magic existed near the Thracyll Mountains.

Once they connected these findings with the legends about Bothandal the Crafter, they sent out a task force to look for the mine, which made it to Nadi near Zhai. Here, a large Labarean camp was set up to aid the invasion of Zhai, and the agents joined Labarean soldiers in the local bar The Scared Hare. Drunk on dwarven beer and in a losing streak, the leader of the agents wagered the map against the bar's owner, Gondwen Huckstone, and lost the bet.