Tome of Dorgoth

Drynieth Herell

Drynieth Herell (343 LC – present) is the Admiral of the Cloud Patrol, stationed in Prydisyrr. He is a charming high elf with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the expensive, as well as the carnal. On Dorges 5, 903 LC, Drynieth Herell succeeded Kalied Ilbaereth as Supreme General of the Kingdom of Laeryll. A member of the Herell family, he is well-connected throughout the Kingdom. His younger brother Gundaryk Herell is the Dathyllian High Priest of Ush. Their great-grandfather was Kopellds Herell.


Herell's lust for carnal pleasures have brought him into several scandals, as he had affairs with high-profiled women. His worst offense, however, is that he frequents the Temple of Dark Desires in Peshgulu, Zhai, where he indulges himself in perverted sexual relations with captive sex slaves. To make things worse for his standing, some of these slaves are elves from the Kingdom. News of these perversions has not gotten out, but the Zhai-based Shekekar, who have ties to the brothel, have evidence of his behavior, including a bastard son that was birthed by an enslaved stout elf. For this reason, they employed Bor Durlyne to assassinate Kalied Ilbaereth and now hold significant power over the Supreme General.