Tome of Dorgoth

Festival of Light

The Festival of Light is a ten-day celebration held across the Northern Arm from Marat 30 to Dorges 5. Its origins lie with the elves of the Kingdom of Laeryll, who would show deviance towards monsters and other enemies by clearly showing their presence through the use of sounds and light. In many places, the celebrations are accompanied by dressing up as monsters or, especially in elven communities, wearing masks of one of the Bird Gods.

Political significance

In the Kingdom of Laeryll, the end of the Festival of Light is also the moment when the Laeryllian Crown addresses its subjects and speaks about the state of the kingdom.


The end of the Festival of Light sees a celebration where a special autumn soup called Fyllathysyke is served, made from orctongues, Labarean seaweed, soy sauce, potatoes and green nuts.