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Fist of Ush

The Fist of Ush is a religious organization of mostly warriors that is first and foremost considered with spreading and upholding the Ushean War Codex across all known lands. Not tied to any nation or company, the Fist of Ush is inspired by its creed to fight injustice and administer law. Until the late ninth century, human members (most of them from the Arkos Plains were tolerated by the Labarean Empire as a force that countered banditry and other forms of lawlessness. However, as the organization became increasingly hostile towards slavery, animosity between the Empire and the Fist of Ush grew. By 904 LC, the Labarean Empire actively persecuted members of the group.


Main article: War Codex

The War Codex is a collection of reflections on warfare, noted down by clergy of Ush during such events as the War of the Sisters. It contains good practices and hard rules on the proper ways to deal with fighting, prisoners of war, interrogations, foreign law, and more. Some of the most important elements of the War Codex are:

  • No captives in a time of truce. If a ceasefire has been agreed upon, it is not just to capture fighters or negotiators of the other side. This is because the threat of force is aggression in itself, and therefore in conflict with a ceasefire.
  • Justice before laws. If laws are unjust, they can only be followed to the extent that doing so does not contradict a higher allegiance to justice.