Tome of Dorgoth

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Gaf Bhytear

Gaf Bhytear (549 LC – present) is the wood elf Province Keeper of Qosid and therefore always adorned in fine robes that show the holy woodchucker. He is a diplomatic man, never jumping to conclusions and always biding his time. He lost his wife during the Secession of Qosid and is distrusting of any plans in the Kingdom of Laeryll that involve centralization or war, knowing that Qosid's high fertility would make it bring in the most men, while its position as a wood elf community also means it would get the least in return.


Bhytear is a vocal opponent of entering war with the Labarean Empire. He argues that the Labarean Invasion of Zhai will destroy all gnomish plans anyway, and that the Kingdom does not have enough capacity to contribute to war meaningfully. Hidden behind this is his reluctance to send the men of Qosid to fight on behalf of the Laeryllian Crown.


In late 903 LC, Bhytear was taken hostage by Valthyx the Evoker as part of a plot to help Ballelds Landidith escape from Prydissyr. Through a magic ritual, the appearances of Ballelds and Gaf were swapped.