Tome of Dorgoth

Gostaer Fogon

Gostaer Fogon (542 LC–present) is a Red Rock Elf from the Fogon tribe, who serves as Deputy to the Crown and represents the Red Rock Elves during meeting of the Province Keepers. Gostaer is on good terms with King Olyxx III, but less so with Queen Ceanna.

Gostaer is a proud man who considers it is task to represent the clans of the west. Right now, their most pressing worry is a conflict with Arkos about fishing rights in Red Rock Lake. This is why Gostaer was unwilling to join any war effort against the Labareans, although his men are formidable – and therefore necessary – fighters. Once King Olyxx III had declared war against the Empire in 903 LC, Fogon put a lot of effort in creating the Bulwark Alliance, to avoid too strong a dependence on the Red Rock Elves during the conflict.