Tome of Dorgoth

Hef Hasin

Hef Hasin (880 LC - present) is a human street magician from Lloridan who fled to Prydisyrr after the 903 LC invasion of Zhai by the Labarean Empire. His natural charm and quick wit quickly made him a popular figure among refugees heading to the Kingdom of Laeryll. Upon arrival to Prydisyrr, Hasin took on a leadership role in the refugee camps set up around the city.

In late 903 LC, the situation in the camp became unbearable due to the cold of winter. At that time, Hasin made a deal with a royal delegation made up of Ballelds Landidith, Bor Durlyne and Gostaer Fogon. They agreed that Hasin would send all able men to join the recently declared war against the Labarean Empire, in exchange for housing within the city.