Tome of Dorgoth

Illitran Varalei

Illitran Varalei (336 LC–present) was a high elf Province Keeper of the Small Provinces. Originally from Pothael, he is from a family of farmers. Varalei was based in Pothyrr but in 903 LC was banished to an administrative function in Shyfayll for his involvement in the Falcon Conspiracy.


Illitran Varalei enjoys the good things in life, which are mostly edible in his perspective. As a consequence, he is rather fat and mostly talks about wines, pastries and exclusive dishes. He has a materialist outlook on life and has spent most of his years gathering wealth, which he tends to brag about quite often, especially if meeting attractive women.


Illitran is convinced that the time has come to reconquer Silimanis, connecting Nossed to the Small Provinces again. While he used the Labarean destruction of holy sites and the Labarean Invasion of Zhai as a pretext, he was motivated by the economic opportunities that such a reconquest would bring.