Tome of Dorgoth

Kalied Ilbaereth

Kalied Ilbaereth (398 LC903 LC) was the Supreme General of the Royal Army of Laeryll from 859 LC to 903 LC. While he was a strong, ruthless warrior during his early career, he later became known as calculating, war-weary strategist. Ilbaereth was succeeded by Drynieth Herell, Admiral of the Cloud Patrol.

Secession of Qosid

Kalied Ilbaereth's first claim to renown was as lieutenant (or, in elven ranks: Quilidalis) during the 699 LC Secession of Qosid. He led Dathyllian soldiers, as well as loyalists from Thellur, into underground caverns used by the secessionists, strategically occupying chokepoints and thereby interfering with their movements. This tactic proved pivotal for quickly suppressing the uprising, which was gaining hold of communities throughout the province.

Ilbaereth then took his best forces back into the Qosidian woods, where they sieged and destroyed Logassed, a village that served as the headquarters of the secessionists. The attack took the lives of 200 men, women and children. The mere mention of Logassed can invoke anger in many wood elves, as they consider the event a shameful power display. The village has not been rebuilt and is now nothing more than a single standing stone, listing the names of those who were killed.

Military career

After the secession, peace in the Laeryllian Kingdom was restored. Ilbaereth was commended for his role in quelling the rebellion and was made Army Commander (Cafyles). In this role, he moved to Shyfayll, where he led the effort to remove threats from the Mistlands and developed the strategy of tower rotation, in which soldiers from different regions are mixed together to guard the Kingdom, being sent from one defensive tower to the next on a regular basis. Olyxx the Young was excited about this idea and tried to implement it fully, but ultimately had to compromise due to pressure from Qosid, leading to the current system in which only three-tenths of every province's military is part of the rotation.

Nevertheless, Ilbaereth had impressed Olyxx and in 790 LC, he was promoted to Army Colonel (Laefynn), followed by a promotion to General (Sidifynn) in 833 LC and, after the death of Garabell Gauntshyn in 859 LC, to Supreme General (Laefyles). In this latter capacity, he was confronted with Labarean expansionism, bu he advocated restraint and convinced the king that military actions were unwise. The Labarean Invasion of Zhai, however, put pressure on both King Olyxx III and Supreme General Ilbaereth, as an increasing portion of the population was demanding action against the imperial vandalism and aggression.

This relative pacifism has two reasons. The first was that Ilbaereth was increasingly remorseful over his actions during the secession. The second one was closely related: he knew that warfare would depend strongly on the wood elves who had been victims of his earlier tactics. Still, seeing the kingdom becoming increasingly divided on the issue must have pushed him towards consideration of warfare.


It never came to that, however. During the first day of the Festival of Light in 903 LC, Ilbaereth attended a meeting with the Province Keepers and others in the top floor of the military barracks in Prydisyrr. The topic of discussion was the Labarean threat, and Illitran Varalei made a case for war, citing the destruction of holy sites and activity of the Blade of Dorgoth within the Small Provinces. Unbeknownst to Ilbaereth, the Falcon Conspiracy had ensured this would push his buttons: at the start of the meeting, Varalei has used his ring of mage hand to push over Ilbeareth's water bottle, which was then replaced with one spiked with an aggression potion created by Bingverd Flossbottom. Angered, Kalied responded to Varalei's contribution by calling for war, to the suprise and dismay of King Olyxx III.

After the meeting the group went to a private party, where the situation worsened. Nobody knew, but party guest Bor Durlyne had been tasked by the Shekekar to kill Ilbaereth, and the rogue had bought what he thought was poison to perform his dirty deed. However, the potion he used was yet another dose of the aggression potion, which ticked off the already angry general and put him in a rage, which he directed at King Olyxx. Grabbing the monarch by the neck, Ilbaereth cursed his king, drawing the attention of the crowd. True Evoker Ballelds Landidith, who was also attending the party, quickly reacted by casting a laughter spell, bringing the general to his knees.

Ilbaereth was taken captive and questioned the next day by Bor and Ballelds, who partially uncovered the Falcon Conspiracy, sending Falix Fisibird, Llarm Phywynn and Bingverd Flossbottom to The Citadel of Prydisyrr. In the evening, Bor Durlyne managed to secretly slice the throat of Ilbaereth and covered it up by insisting the Supreme General had committed pride killing (thaeru gilies). Since Ilbaereth had not offered the public apology and self-ostracism that precedes this ritual, this explanation was considered unlikely by military investigators.

On the 3rd of Dorges, 903 LC, Kalied Ilbaereth's body was burnt at his Ancestral Tree in Dryghyrr, Dathyll. His successor Drynieth Herell was officially named Supreme General two days later.