Tome of Dorgoth

Table of Contents

King's Swamp

King's Swamp (Laedor Thilis in Elven) is located to the southeast of Dathyll, east to Pothael. It is a wetland that surrounds Lake Motoko and is bordered by the Thracyll Mountains to its east.


King's Swamp is named after the elven king Bothandal the Crafter (743 BLC - 5 BLC), who traveled the elven lands to dispense justice. Bothandal decreed that the swamp could not be settled without his explicit permission and he only allowed a few factions to make use of the lands. Rumors about a magical mine turned into legends, but only in 903 LC did it become clear what secret Bothandal guarded. Adventurers discovered an ancient mine near Pellvyr, where magic used to be channeled to create powerful items.


One of the Godstones is rumored to lie in Lake Motoko.