Tome of Dorgoth

Kingdom of Laeryll

The Kingdom of Laeryll is the 3000 year old political unity that is governed by the Laeryllian Crown. It was established by Olyxx the Uniter who, in 1903 BLC, brought together disparate regions inhabited by elves. Until then, the elves had been split across many lines, the most important of which was the divide between wood elves and high elves. The current ruler of the Kingdom of Laeryll is Olyxx III, also known as Olyxx the Young.


After the unification of the regions,the Kingdom of Laeryll was ruled single-handedly by the Laeryllian Crown. Only in 358 BLC was this system replaced by the current one, in which the Kingdom is divided in provinces that are ruled by Province Keepers who advise the Crown and have the right to petition. This system was a response to secessionist tendencies, although the War of the Sisters and the Secession of Qosid illustrate that it did not completely stabilize the political structure of the Kingdom.

Present-day provinces

The provinces of Laeryll are overseen by Province Keepers. Currently, there are seven provinces:

King's Swamp, Northern Silimanis and Pothael are together known as the Small Provinces.

In addition, the elves sometimes speak of the 'Lost Province', which refers to Silimanis, currently a colony of the Labarean Empire.