Tome of Dorgoth

Laeryllian Crown

The Laeryllian Crown is the name of the governing king or queen in the Kingdom of Laeryll, together with her or her wife or husband. The primary decision-making role lies with the single king or queen. Exceptions to this are the First Diarchy and the Second Diarchy, in which decision-making power was shared between two rulers.

The current Laeryllian Crown is King Olyxx III, who rules with Queen Ceanna.

List of Crowns through the Ages

Period King Queen Comment
1903 BLC1203 BLC Olyxx the Uniter Perethil of Zodan First Diarchy
1203 BLC444 BLC Thanyal the Singer Alythin the Huntress
444 BLC5 BLC Bothandal the Crafter Sanya the Watcher
5 BLC10 LC Galythiel & Morsyana Second Diarchy, both 119 years old
39 LC441 LC Duruth Ilbaereth Galythiel Galythiel was primary ruler
441 LC599 LC Olyxx the Warborn Basonda of Zhai Also known as Olyxx II
599 LC – present Olyxx the Young Ceanna the Wise Olyxx became king at age 101, also known as Olyxx III