Tome of Dorgoth

Mirror of Morsyana


In 103 BLC, Bothandal the Crafter visited Pellvyr, together with his daughters Galythiel and Morsyana. Morsyana was given a tome of collected magic by Sathorius, a wizard from the local Council of Merchants. She was unhappy with the gift, but practiced with some of its spells and used it to make her first magical item: a mirror charmed with so much luck that it could never break

Bothandal took pride in his daughter’s skill and stored the item in his workplace, the crafting room of Bothandal’s Mine in Laedor Thilis. There it remained for a thousand years, while Morsyana grew up, fought the War of the Sisters, was forced to retreat into the Thracyll Mountains and lived, unbeknownst to anyone, in The World Beneath.

A gift for Garaz'Paduuh

In that World, Morsyana plotted her next move. She sought alliances with monsters and demons, among them Garaz'Paduuh, the hideous horned demon. When she found out Garaz'Paduuh cannot look in a mirror without the mirror immediately breaking, Morsyana remembered her childhood craft. She struck a deal with Garaz'Paduuh: he would command his forces to attack Laeryll in exchange for a mirror in which he could see his own face. The demon agreed and Morsyana set out to find her mirror.

The worst of luck

Uncovering the mirror proved not to be easy, as the crafting room in which the item was kept was difficult to reach. A band of adventurers, among them Glückmock, the priest of bad luck, managed to enter the room, where they were ambushed by an illithid and Crazy Lou. During the ensuing fight, Glückmock used magical slippers to walk across the ceiling of the crafting room, but while there, accidentally lost grip on the slippers themselves. They were stuck to the wall, while Glückmock plummeted down and crashed into the mirror. The extraordinary luck instilled in the mirror proved no match for Glückmock's exceptional bad luck.