Tome of Dorgoth

Olyxx the Young

Olyxx the Young (498 LC – present), also known as Olyxx III, is the king of the Kingdom of Laeryll. He is married to Ceanna the Wise and the father of two sons, Olyxx IV and Zakathiel. Olyxx III was born from Olyxx the Warborn and Basonda of Zhai and is therefore the grandson of Queen Galythiel.

Generally considered a wise and just king, Olyxx's reign is characterized by deliberation and compromise. At times, this had drawn out fierce criticism. In 724 LC, he decreed that all elves should leave Silimanis, which was being invaded by the Labarean Empire, in order to not upset the peace with the gnomes. However, Silimanis was a protectorate of the Kingdom and Olyxx's decision was therefore regarded as cowardly by his critics.

The fiercest critic of Olyxx III is Tiheri Baudelf, a high elf historian who resents the system of Province Keepers and compromise and who advocates for a return to strong monarchy in its stead.

Secession of Qosid

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The 699 LC Secession of Qosid was a turning point for Olyxx III. As many of the wood elf communes no longer recognized the unity of the Kingdom of Laeryll, Olyxx went on a campaign to quell all subversive elements. The campaign succeeded, but at a tremendous cost, with whole wood elf communities being destroyed.

Olyxx III vowed to never have such internal strife again and his subsequent politics are generally appeasing and de-escalating.

Assassination attempt

In 903 LC, during the Festival of Light, then-Supreme General Kalied Ilbaereth publicly attacked the king and threatened to throw him off a balcony. Ilbaereth was stopped by the True Evoker Ballelds Landidith and was found dead in his prison cell a few days later. This was one of a series of events that led to the War of the Northern Arm.