Tome of Dorgoth

Province Keepers

The Province Keepers were installed in 358 BLC, in an effort by Bothandal the Crafter to centralize lawmaking in a way that would be acceptable to all the provinces. While the Laeryllian Crown has formal absolute rule and can dispense justice as it sees fit, the Province Keepers are given the privilege to weigh in on matters and petition the Crown. Similarly, the Keepers are open to petitions by the citizens of their designated provinces.

The current Province Keepers

The below table shows the current Keepers per province, including their base of operations. Note that the Small Provinces have a single Province Keeper and that Dathyll has none, as the Crown is considered to represent Dathyllian interests. Dathyll does, however, have a Deputy to the Crown who plays a similar role to the Keepers, but for the Red Rock Elves in western Dathyll.

Illitran Varalei was the Province Keeper of the Small Provinces until late 903 LC, but was removed from this office and discretely sent to Shyfayll as he was part of a manipulation plot against Olyxx III that ended with an assassination attempt against the king and the death of Kalied Ilbaereth. Olyxx III will still decide on the proper successor, who should be from Pothael, Northern Silimanis or King's Swamp.

Province Current Keeper Ethnicity Based in
QosidGaf BhytearWood ElfThellur
BaraelEribell GauntshynStout ElfStonehall
DathyllDeputy Gostaer FogonRed Rock ElfPercuria
Small Provinces1)Vacant
ShyfayllAratula ElranHigh ElfRuhukoyrr
Pothael, King's Swamp, North Silimanis