Tome of Dorgoth

Red Rock Lake

The Red Rock lake is a large lake at the border between the Arkos Plains and Dathyll. Its name is derived from the unusual red rock formations that loom around the area. The same minerals are found at the bottom of the lake. Red Rock Lake is 102 by 60 kilometers in size and at some places runs 50 meters deep. It is an important source of fish for nearby settlements, most notably Arkos and Percuria.


Fishing tradition

The lake has been home to fishing communities since at least 1100 BLC, when elves settled the area. The Red Temple of Our Mother at the southern side of the lake is still testament to this period. Currently, the only active fishing community is Gixo, where fishermen from both the Arkos Plains and Dathyll can store and sell their catch. Fishermen bypassing the Gixo marketplace risk severe penalties, in accordance with the 714 LC Fish and Ships Agreement that followed the Hunger of 710.

The migration wave following the 903 LC invasion of Zhai by the Labarean Empire has put pressure on the fishing accord and the relations between Arkos and Dathyll. The latter has been absorbing refugees from the initial invasion and the ensuing war, causing both its population and its claim on the lake resources to grow dramatically.

Flora and Fauna

Animal life

Red Rock lake contains a wide range of fish species, such as carp, pike, black bass, shallyx and lake trout. It is also home to a variety of other fauna, ranging from blue-spotted ducks and falcons to beavers and electric salamanders.