Tome of Dorgoth

Silimani Gunslingers

The Silimani Gunslingers are a group of humans who reverse engineered firearms of the Labarean Empire and took it upon themselves to fight crime. After joining forces with the Fist of Ush, the Silimani Gunslingers became known as the most thorough and dedicated bounty hunters of the Northern Arm.

In their homeland Silimanis, the Gunslingers were technically outlaws, as humans are not allowed to use firearms by the occupying forces of the Empire. In their early days, the goals of the Gunslingers were aligned with those of the Empire and their behavior was tolerated. But the decision of the Northern Church to denounce slavery in late 903 LC made the Fist of Ush, including the Gunslingers, enemies of the Empire.

Relation to the Fist of Ush

The Gunslingers work together with the Fist of Ush, but they do not subscribe to the War Codex. Instead, they work on their own principles, which happen to be quite flexible and ambiguous when it comes down to proportional use of force, deception and interrogation methods. This means they are not popular with the most pious members of the Fist, but nobody can argue against the Gunslingers' skill at pursuing and capturing criminals.