Tome of Dorgoth

Tijl Morningstar

Tijl Morningstar (881 LC - present) is a human rogue. Raised by high-ranking gnomes on the Labarean peninsula, Morningstar is a member of the Dorgothian Church.

Early life

At age 17, Morningstar was moved to Nossed where he was supposed to stay within the confines of the Labarean elites that brought him, but still he became exposed to a human society that was markedly different from that in the Labarean homeland. Morningstar became intrigued by humans and often found ways to sneak out of his quarters at night, to mingle with humans in the docks of Nossed. He heard that Silimanis had not always been under control of the gnomes and that is was actually a border region. He heard of a magical land called Zhai and of a kingdom of elves where slavery did not exist. He also heard of the hardships that other humans experienced under the rule of the gnomes.

Morningstar had a knack for card tricks and other games and slowly started to make a name for himself among the humans. One day, at age 19, he was asked to accompany a group of friends from the docks to Hilltower, for an annual harvest festival where they could make money together. Morningstar knew he was not supposed to join the humans, but he could not resist the temptation and decided to run away from the gnomes.

The journey to Hilltower was a transformation for Morningstar. His friends showed him historical sites, explained the plight of humans and told him of the Free Cities, a safe haven for all humans that existed north of Labar. Morningstar had heard of such places, but they had always been described with contempt by the gnomes and his friends made them sound like wonderful places. He knew he had to see the place with his own eyes one day.

Adventuring life