Tome of Dorgoth

War of the Northern Arm

Note, this article is set in the future of the current campaign and may be altered by player decisions

The War of the Northern Arm was a military conflict that started in 904 LC between the Labarean Empire and the Kingdom of Laeryll. Gradually, other cities, factions and other nations became embroiled and eventually most of the Northern Arm, including The Porcupine and the Northern Kingdoms. The War of the Northern Arm reshaped the continent in the decades leading up to the second millennium.

Causes of the War

Historians have identified many causes of the War of the Northern Arm. The declaration of war by the Laeryllian Crown was a surprisingly impulsive decision, especially when considering that elven politics is characterized by long deliberation. There are several elements that can help to explain this.

Preceding events

First of all, tensions between the Labarean Empire and the Kingdom of Laeryll reached an all-time high when Lloridan, an ancient elven city in Zhai, was invaded by the Imperial Army in 903 LC in order to curtail the trade in magic items. This added to existing frustrations about the Labarean treatment of elven heritage elsewhere, as well as persistent rumors that the Labareans were active within the territories of the Kingdom of Laeryll. Some scholars have added to this that the Labarean Magic Ban threatened the very nature of elvenkind, especially after centuries in which elven influence receded to accomodate for humans and gnomes.

Secondly, the assassination of Supreme General Kalied Ilbaereth that same year put Drynieth Herell in charge of the Laeryllian military. Where Ilbaereth had been opposed to war with the Labareans, Herell was eager to join the fight in Zhai.

Thirdly, one day prior to King Olyxx's traditional state speech, The Citadel of Prydisyrr was hijacked and this event was erroneously attributed to agents from the Labarean Blade of Dorgoth and considered an act of war. This event was testament to the fear in which the elves of Laeryll lived: there was a widespread sentiment that an attack by the Empire would only be a matter of time.

Fourthly, not all Province Keepers participated in the talk leading up to the king's speech and those who were present were all overtly optimistic about the military capacity of the kingdom. The refugees from Zhai, wood elves from Qosid, dwarven clans from The Porcupine were all expected to join a well-trained, motivated Laeryllian army. Driving back the Labareans and renegotiating a peace was thought to last no more than a mere decade.

The Bulwark Alliance

Only after the declaration of war, the Laeryllian Crown pursued the construction of alliance that would “halt the Labarean onslaught” and that would “serve as a bulwark against monstrous machinery that seeks to enslave and oppress a continent,” to use the words of Valthyx the Evoker, a True Wizard from Prydisyrr stated it. To this end, The Crown sped up an already existing mission to The Porcupine, enlisted human refugees from Zhai through the work of Hef Hasin, entered negotiations with Qosid, set up a magic-wielding paramilitary force (Light of Llorix) and reached out to anti-Labarean factions across the continent.

The result became a loose-knit network named the Bulwark Alliance, which consisted of:

The Laeryllian Crown and the Fist of Ush coordinated the war effort of this highly dispersed group.

The Green Line

Fearing that the Imperial Army would launch a massive attack against the Kingdom of Laeryll, the elves decided to copy a tactic from the humans in the Free Cities and constructed a line of fortifications south of their borders. The fortifications were magical plant growths that served as outposts for elven soldiers.