Tome of Dorgoth


Waye is the goddess of trees, plants, animals and untouched nature in general. According to human mythology, she was created from Khandar and Llorix and is the mother of Ildan and Forx. She is one of the most important deities in Laeryll.

Churches and worship

Worship of Waye is especially pronounced among those who dwell outside of civilization, with the notable exception of the high elves in Dathyll, who have brought the teachings of Waye into their cultivated lands. The wood elves in Qosid acknowledge Waye and worship her as an overarching figure, although their immediate prayers are more commonly directed towards the Birds Gods.


In the days of the Labarean Empire, Waye's religion was put under heavy pressure. The Labareans considered the Wayesh cult to be an impediment to cultivation and progress, and although they never committed any outright acts of violence towards the cult's temples and clergy, their cultural influence thinned her religion's membership. Several myths about Wayesh witches - such as an alleged sexual perversion and a severe brutality against woodcutters and others who touch nature - caused the religion of Waye to become unpopular within the Empire.

Centers of Worship

Notable cults

  • Waye is especially revered by druids and cultures that are in close contact with nature.