Tome of Dorgoth


Yhahivit was a religious commune in southern Qosid, home to a group of wood elves who worshiped Zodan. In early 904 LC, rampaging gnolls, incited by the demon Geehynki, murdered everyone in the commune.

History of the commune

The commune was founded in 730 LC by wood elves who left Silimanis in response to the invasion of the Labarean Empire and Olyxx III's Decree of Returning. The elves came from Aeclyra, the White Temple of Zodan and were guided to the site of Yhahivit by their deity, who brough them to a powerful forest spring, connected to The Wild. The Aeclyra community built a stone shrine to Zodan and built Qosidian treehouse villages around the shrine.

Customs of the commune

In Aeclyra, the commune had been reclusive, but connected to towns and villages in Silimanis. Some humans visited the temple to partake in religious rites or to seek advice from the commune elders. The commune also brought fish and rare minerals found in the sea to market. Moreover, Aeclyra was a place of healing and creatures from across the region came to the temple to seek rejuvenation and cures for various ailments.

Leaving Silimanis meant leaving behind the sea, and in Yhuhivit the commune could no longer provide goods from the sea. Like others in Qosid, they started living from hunting and gathering in the forest. Yet some things stayed the same: the forest offered new sorts of minerals to explore and Yhahivit quickly got a reputation as a medicinal place for wood elf communities throughout the province.

Destruction of the commune

During the War of the Sisters, Aeclyra had stood by the humans who were being massacred by the forces of Morsyana, providing them care and refuge. This had damaged the battle plans of Morsyana. When, in early 903 LC, she learned about the existence of a 'new Aeclyra' in Yhahivit, she instructed the wolf demon Geehynki to destroy it. By possessing a gnoll in the nearby forest, Geehynki caused a plague of gnolls to descend on the wood elves. They murdered several outposts, growing in number, before attacking Yhahivit.


Not everyone from Yhahivit died during the attack. Magyor the Gull had survived the onslaught and had seen the gnolls at work, realizing who their mistress was. He knew that this meant that Morsyana returned to Laeryll and that she would have her revenge.