Tome of Dorgoth


Zhai is the most southern country on the Northern Arm of Laeryll. It lies on its own subcontinent and is known as the most magical place of Laeryll. Famous places in Zhai include Jepri, Peshgulu and the port of Kikokomary. Zhai has historically attracted wizards, sorcerors and other practitioners of magic, as well as merchants connecting the Northern Arm to The Porcupine or the South. While wizards associate the land with abundant spells and legendary artefacts, humans tell stories about the slave trade that serviced the Labarean Empire, even during the Labarean Invasion of Zhai.

Jepri is the capital city of Zhai and home to many famous wizards and sages. Peshgulu is a large city that is famous for its magical bazaar, while Kikokomary is the most important trading port of Zhai, connecting trade from the Southern Arm and The Porcupine with other lands on the Northern Arm.

The northern cities of Zhai are smaller, but home to important magical sites, such as the Temple of the Divine Twins in Gazul. Lloridan, founded as an elven city, is important to worshipers of the Bird Gods.


The Labarean Invasion

In 900 LC, the Labarean Empire decided to attack Zhai. The ostensible reasons were the flow of magic wares into Labar, the supposed unbalancing effect of a magical land. Other reasons included the Zhai dominance over slave trade and the imperial demand for more control over trade with the Southern Arm.

Famous Zhai