Tome of Dorgoth

Wood Elves

Wood elves are a reclusive people, living in the forests of the Northern Arm. Eons ago, their kind was the only kind of elf that existed, until the The Shimmering brought some of them to fanatically tap into the forces of magic. Those oriented towards magic ultimately became the high elves who were to found grand cities, academies and the country of Dathyll, the Land of the Tree. The wood elves, meanwhile, retained a communal, nature-oriented lifestyle. Currently, most wood elves live in Qosid, formally a part of the Kingdom of Laeryll


The wood elf communes are typically arranged around the Birth Trees of their elders. The laws and culture within communes can differ wildly, although it is common for them to be based around collective decision-making. All of them are ruled by qodiphi, a tribunal of wise men. Ever since Olyxx the Uniter incorporated the land of the wood elves into the Kingdom of Laeryll in the fourteenth century before the founding of Labar, these local laws are superseded by the Law of the Crown.


Wood elf culture is characterized by their reverence for nature, which is apparent in their continued worshiping of the Bird Gods, in addition to devotion to Waye. This reverence means their life is modest and balanced with the demands of the forests. At the same time, wood elves are renowned for their cuisine and their ability to turn the fruits of their surroundings into delicious meals. In fact, most of the trading between Qosid and the rest of the world considers foodstuff, as the wood elves enjoy throwing lavish banquets to honor holidays or celebrate other festivities.

Wood elf populations

Most wood elves are currently living in Qosid, the largest province of the Kingdom of Laeryll. Northern Silimanis is also home to a sizable wood elf population and it is said that highly independent communes still exist west of Qosid. Few wood elves venture outside of the forests, and those who do are usually not able to fit in with the communal lifestyle. As wood elves are widely desired as cooks, they can be found in this capacity in cities and palaces across the Northern Arm.